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I have no doubts to say MX Player is the best Android media player available on the web right now. When you compare its features with other media player apps, you will know the difference. In this post, I will share with you everything about the MX Player app.

mx player

Ever since I switched to Android, I have been using this app as my default video player. If you are a person, who hesitates to use it, you will find our site to be your guide.

Before I start sharing my thoughts about why it is the best, let me quickly share the MX Player download links with you guys. You can directly download the app for your Android or PC device from the links mentioned below.

Also, don’t forget to download MX player custom codec files from below which will let you play DTS audio on your phone. Now, I am going to introduce you to a few impeccable features of mx player app. Then, I will give you some other not so popular methods and links to download this app which you may like to use. So, let’s get started.

MX Player: What Makes It The Best Media Player App

You are probably wondering what MX Player could do those other media players cannot do. Here are some of the features of this tool that amazed me a lot.

Supports All Major Video Formats

When you start using the app, you will not have incompatibility issues. It supports almost all the major video file formats like MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MPEG and more.

A few months ago, it stopped supporting videos with DTS audio. Still, you can make it work on your player by downloading the custom codec files from our site. Please note that you can also download the codec files from other sites like Play Store or any external websites like XDA Forum or

Subtitle Support

You love watching foreign movies, don’t you? If that’s the case, subtitles should be your go-to solution for understanding the meaning.

Unfortunately, not all mobile media players have grown to the desktop level. But MX Player does! It supports all the major subtitle file formats.

You can even download accurate subtitles from the app interface itself. Moreover, you can stylize the subtitle text, change the position, and even use gestures to skip between them.

If you download MX Player Pro, you will have extensive subtitle file format support. You can download the pro app from the download links mentioned above.

Multi-Core Decoding

Most of the players use single-core decoding. As a result, you will feel the loss of frames and audio issues.

But this player has both single-core and multi-core decoding. If you feel the loss of frames with single-core HW decoding (happens when you play long HD videos), you can switch to multi-core SW decoding to enhance the video performance and volume as well.

All it takes is a couple of taps on the app interface. And, you will have a seamless video experience.

Kid’s Lock

Kid’s Lock is a feature that locks your entire screen when you play a video. As a result, touches and taps on the screen never influence the video playback. If you have a toddler in your home, you will find this feature to have greater use.

In order to unlock the screen, you have to touch a button placed on the corner of the screen. Given that your child doesn’t have a clue about it, you will not have to resume the video playback.


What is MX Player?

MX Player is the best media player out there as it supports all types of video formats and subtitles formats. It is free but offers splendid features and video quality. You can have it installed on your smartphone or using an emulator on your computer.

How to download MX Player?

Go to and click on the download button. The installer automatically downloads into your system.

How to install MX Player?

After downloading the file from, look for the file in your downloads folder and click on it. It will bring up an installation prompt. Just follow the steps to start the installation process.

I hope you now got a clear idea of what MX Player is. Don’t forget to install it on your phone. Test it out for a week. I am sure that you will never uninstall it.

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  1. having a weird problem. some videos I can turn the volume up to 50 others will not go past 25. why can is there away I can make all videos max volume 50?


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